Closed Schools

There are over 80 high schools that no longer exist, but
played basketball. Please go to the Subscribe page to see the schools and their yearly win-loss records.

New Mexico High School Basketball

EI Riot Basket Ball Team

1957 Class B Champions - El Rito High School

There are six high schools that no longer exist that won nine state basketball championship combined.

  • 1928 Albuquerque Indian School
  • 1931 Forrest High School
  • 1933 Forrest High School
  • 1934 Virden High School
  • 1944 Virden High School  
  • 1957 El Rito High School
  • 1959 El Rito High School
  • 1967 Taos Catholic Central High School
  • 2005 Temple Baptist Academy